My Life Adventures

The Packing Starts

For those of you who do not know me all that well, I’m not a procrastinator.  I hate waiting until last-minute to do things.  I’m always early or on time. I’m Rarely ever late for anything.  With that in mind, I put the TV on the Sounds of the Tropicales music station and got into the tropical mood so I figured I would go through my summer clothes since I would be wearing winter clothes until we leave.

I went through my drawers and tried on all of my shorts and capris, tops, tanks, pulled out summer dresses, swimsuits and flip-flops.  Packed them in a large suitcase along with my camera, binoculars, snorkel gear, bug sprays and sunscreens.   I’m ready to leave!!  HAHAHA!

I’d like to recommend you stop holding onto clothes that you “think” you may fit in again one day.  By the time you fit into them they will be out dated!!  I noticed that while going through my drawers and closet!  Not only out dated clothes but I’m getting too old to wear some of my old clothes.  I remember being in my 20’s and 30’s and looking at older women wearing clothes that they were too old to wear.  It really wasn’t all that attractive but I did admire their confidence!!

It’s getting easier to get rid of things now.  I still tend to want to hold on to a few items but for the most part its all going and it feels so amazing!  It feels refreshing and comfortable to have less “stuff”!  I can’t express how wonderful it feels to be rid of things we really didn’t need or use.  I highly recommend minimizing your life by getting rid of things you don’t need or use.

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