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In Loving Memory…RIP Joe Joe!

So many times we take our friends and especially family for granted. Returning home after being gone for 3 months you realize just how much you truly do miss and appreciate your loved ones. They make you feel loved and appreciated just as much as you love and appreciate them.

Its such a great feeling, however this trip was a little stressful.  We came home to finish packing up the house and to get our dogs and bring them back to Panama with us.  While we were there our baby, Joe Joe (a chihuahua) was in bad shape.  He was in kidney failure so we had to put him down.  That was one of the single most difficult moments in my life.

While he was in my arms he looked up to me, and as it was his last look at me, it was full of love and understanding. I told him when he got to heaven to say hello to my dad and to my friends dog Lucy who just recently also passed away and he seemed to understand. He knew what was happening and knew it was ok as he took his last breath in my arms and fell asleep forever.   Watching a true, loyal to the end, fur baby pass away in your arms is truly difficult and I am crying all over again as I write this.  He watched over us all and was a true loyal family member.  He will truly be missed.

On a happy note, we got Angel (our german shephard) down to our little island home in Bocas Del Toro, Panama.  It wasn’t easy…or cheap but in the end, it was all worth it.

She’s doing well and enjoying the island life and all the new smells and sounds of the jungle.  She had her first ride in a boat on the water, gone to a party with other expats and expat dogs and walks down to the local bar for happy hour with us by the beach many nights.

Angels Boat Ride to Bocas
Enjoying The Fresh Salt Water Air
Skullys Beach Chair
Happy Hour

We miss our children, family and friends, but we are happy with our little family life here on the island.

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