My Life Adventures

My Life is an Open Book

I live my life like an open book.  I don’t hide my mistakes or my true feelings. I try to be open and honest with people. I am genuine and I don’t have many secrets.

When I smile, I mean it, when I cry, I mean it, when I’m angry…you know it. I have a hard time hiding my feelings and I feel if I keep a secret about myself, I’m lying to everyone about who I am. This is good, but this can also be bad. If you know me, you know this. Some people may not like me, or the things I say or do, but at least I am honest with them about my feelings. When I post something going on in my life it’s not to brag but to share my life adventures. Even through this website and blog. 

Sometime I wonder if I should close my book. Maybe I share too much. Maybe no one really cares. Not everyone needs to know everything, I get that, but what is everyone afraid of? Some people change their names on Facebook or add fake pictures, are they hiding? Trying to be someone they are not? Many are afraid to even whisper when they are around Alexa or google, or even around their phones in fear that “the government” is watching or hearing their every move?  

What are people afraid of?  Are they on the run?  Are they embarrassed that they aren’t perfect or afraid to show that they make mistakes?  We learn from our mistakes. Everyone makes them. We all have different opinions and different ways of doing things.  That’s what makes everyone unique. Why hide your uniqueness?  Isn‘t that what makes you who you are? Your little insecurities and your flaws? Your passions? You don’t need to hide yourself away like that, society makes you feel like you do; but really you don’t!! Embrace yourself, and the world will embrace you.


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