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Last Shenanigans in the US

My girlfriends and I take frequent girls trips to New Orleans (Nola).  We have 2 rules when it comes to our girls trips. One is that we never leave anywhere alone.  We always watch each others back.  Second is that what happens in Nola stays in Nola…but this one doesn’t always apply, especially here in my blog! HAHA!

This past weekend (February 16th) 5 of us girls went to Nola for my last weekend in the US. Our first night there we went to Frenchman Street for dinner and to listen to some great Jazz bands while having cocktails.  Woke up the next morning, got some Cajun breakfast, had a bloody Mary, and did a little thrift shopping.  Even if you are not a thrift store type of person, thrift store shopping in Nola can be a whole other adventure.  I found a few tops and a dress and some swanky earrings.  Some stores have some amazing antique and hand-made furniture.  Very unique items.   If you are ever in Nola, take some time to see what kind of cool treasures you can find at their thrift and antique stores.

Our second night we went to dinner.  One of our girls is vegetarian so we always try to find a place that will accommodate her as well.  We found a restaurant called Eat Nola.  The menu looked perfect from Cajun foods, steaks, to black-eyed pea veggie burger!  We were happy with the food menu but when we asked about a wine list or drink menu we were told that they didn’t have a liquor license so no alcohol.ut we were able to go to the next corner, buy a bottle of wine and they would cork it (screw top) for us for $10 LOL!!

We finished our dinner and left to see Stevie Nicks! The concert was amazing!  She did an amazing tribute to Tom Petty and put on an amazing show at the age of 70!  I later learned that she has very bad eyesight (almost legally blind) and that she learns the stage before each show.  No one even knew!

Leaving the concert was a whole other story but to simplify it, we couldn’t really call a Uber due to so many people leaving, so we walked a little way and I looked back and saw how my friends were walking (after show drinks) and thought I probably looked like they did and realized that we needed MORE food!  We stopped in at closest place we could find and ordered appetizers and waters (and probably more drinks) then left to walk down Bourbon St.

I’m pretty sure I’ve now grown out of Bourbon Street.  The ladies (being nice with my wordage here) were in the middle of the road twerking with their asses half out of their dresses or short shorts.  The first Mardi Gras parade of the season had went down the road while we were at the concert so the streets were filled with beads and garbage!  It was sad to see however the city had it all cleaned up the next morning!

We started heading back to our Air BNB and one of our friends choose sexy/cute shoes and was now having a hard time walking so another friend, who wears a size bigger switched shoes with her and was going to walk the rest of the way to the BNB in a size too small shoes!  Just then a cab came down the road and I stopped him to give us a ride the rest of the way.  Moral of THAT story…ladies…sexy is great for a dinner date, but not for walking the streets of Nola all night!  Save your feet and wear flip-flops!  LOL!

Sunday morning we met up with Allan.  He walked to our BNB and helped us load the truck.  We had to take my luggage for our Panama trip back to Allan’s hotel so that we can go back out for lunch before the girls had to leave.

Allan and I went to take our suit cases up to our room.  When we got to the room we realized that we left a few things in the truck so I began to head back down to get those items when the elevator I was in stopped and bounced between floors.  Of all the times I didn’t have my phone!!  I left it in the truck.

I waited about 2 minutes thinking the elevator would start again on its own but it didn’t, so I pushed the red call button.  The front desk answered and asked what floor I was on and then told me that maintenance was heading up to the floor.  That took about 5 minutes.  Maintenance pulls open the door about 6 inches and is on the 3rd level parking garage floor above me.

He puts his foot in the middle of the door so it wouldn’t close and tells me that they are calling security to help. That took about another 10 minutes when the security guy showed up on the 2nd level garage floor which was below me.

He was able to get the door all the way open and pulled me out.   I asked how to get to the main lobby and he pointed to the elevator across from me.  NO THANK YOU, I told him and walked down to the lobby level saw the girls in the truck and told them what happened.  They said they thought Allan and I were having a “quickie” but said it wasn’t very quick because they had been sitting there for about 20 minutes waiting.  LOL!

I got the other items we needed and one of my friends offered to go back up with me (she had her phone as well).  Made me very nervous of elevators but I feel I stayed surprisingly calm regardless.

We headed down to the square and had lunch, did a little shopping and then gave our good-bye hugs.  The most difficult times are the hugs.  I can hold it together as long as no one else starts crying….the tears were flowing.  I love you girls and all my girls who were not able to be there.   We always have fun times together and will have many more.

Until next time…adios!

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