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When Life Gives You Lemons

Just a quick thought for today.  I was cleaning out the fridge and saw that I had some lemons that were getting pretty soft.  Instead of throwing them out I decided to make some fresh squeezed lemonade.  While squeezing all of those lemons I started thinking about the phrase, “When Live Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade” and started thinking about all of lifes challenges I went through in my life and where I am now.

I’m sure most of you have heard the phrase before.  The meaning of this phrase is basically when something bad (sour) or unexpected comes into your life, change it around and do something good with it.  Don’t allow yourself to go down with the sour lemons, make something positive happen.  Do something with the lemon, like make lemonade.

What if we looked at the bad things that happen to us in life that leave a sour taste in our mouths (lemons) as an opportunity.  An opportunity to make money, or to find our happiness with a new love.  Create a lemonade stand!  In my case, I squeezed the lemons (Effort), added some water (Energy) and some sugar (Love) and found my life happiness.

Lemons could be a life lesson and an opportunity to make something good happen.  Challenging moments in our life is what molds us to who we are.  Think about the worse time in your life, your lowest moment.  This was (or is) a life lesson (lemon).  However it didn’t stay that way forever.  Life got better when you started adding a little effort, energy and love into the situation. Think about all of the inventions in this world that were created because of lemons in life.

I was in a bad relationship about 10 years ago.  It took me 3 years, many stressful moments, some scary moments, and the help of some wonderful friends to get fully out of it.  It left a bad taste in my mouth and I didn’t want to get into another serious relationship so I just hung out with friends, did my own thing, occasionally dated and enjoyed my life.  That lemon (bad relationship) showed me what I didn’t want in my life and I refused to settle for anything less than what I wanted.  I had no intention of EVER having another lemon in my life and I thought to avoid that was to avoid falling in love.  I may have been a little bit of a sour person, especially to men who talked to me.

The reason I am posting this is because I want everyone I care about to realize that when life gets sour you have to see if you can expand on those life lemons and create an opportunity for yourself.  Move forward, be stronger.  Don’t let life bring you down or make you a sour person.  Continue to see what opportunities are in your path.  Maybe that lemon that was thrown at you was thrown to make you change directions, make better decisions.  Maybe you were on the wrong path and God gave you the lemon to show you the right path to take.  I took a different path and found the love of my life because I learned from the bad lesson and allowed God to guide me to the path of finding love.  God showed me that there was a person that could be all that I wanted and all that I needed in life and that holding off  (stirring the lemons, water and sugar) for that right person was worth it.  Watch and listen for those moments and be sure to cease them. Don’t let them pass you by.  I almost let Allan get away because I was afraid to stir the pot, but I took the opportunity and decided to let it happen and here I am today.

Don’t give up on what you want in life or on your dreams just because a challenge was thrown at you.  You are stronger than you think and overcoming life’s challenges is an amazing feeling!

Much love to you all!

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