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The Magic Cookie Adventure (Trip)!

Not all adventures (trips) require you to leave your home….

I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and just started chemo treatments.  Because of her condition she had gotten some “magic” cookies.  Now, I have to be honest…I have only tried smoking one time when I was 32 and didn’t like it at all but I figured the cookie would be a lot better.

I tried a piece of the cookie with her and another friend.  We waited a few minutes but nothing happened, so we had another piece of the cookie.  About 20 minutes later we are sitting in the house staring at each other.  It was so boring at first because no one was talking.  But then the magic started happening.

My friends were sitting on the bar chairs in the kitchen and I was on the other side of the counter watching them.  One friend sat hunched over staring at my other friend.  My other friend was sitting straight up with her hands between her legs staring straight ahead looking past me (not sure what she was looking at).  I am looking at them both and I couldn’t help myself but to laugh at the situation.  I then laughed so hard I was crying because I was laughing at how they were doing nothing but staring.  The whole picture was hilarious!!!

We then decided we needed some fresh air so we went to sit outside on the balcony….again…staring at each other.  Because it was quiet we could hear everything going on around us including the “ghost” walking in boots on the upstairs balcony.  The first time we heard it we didn’t get what was going on, until my one friend pointed to the ceiling.  We listened very quietly again and heard the boots walking from one side of the balcony to the other and stopped just above where we were sitting.  My one friend who loves haunted houses and scary movies darted out of her seat and ran into the house I thought she was going to run upstairs to check it out but I believe she may have been trying to hide.  So because I felt “magical” I was the brave one and went upstairs…BY MYSELF… to look and nothing (or no one) was there.

I told Allan about it and he said the “magic” cookies made us paranoid and hallucinate.  We all 3 hallucinated the same thing??  I don’t think so!  Needless to say, the magic cookies made for an interesting and fun night to look back and laugh at.

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