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Family Time

It has been more than a week since my last post and that’s because I had been preparing for our last Christmas at our home with our family! These are the most precious of times.  We tend to take for granted those that are closest to us.  It’s easily done, as we know they are family and are stuck with us during good and bad times, but life is short and times are precious so even when your family annoys you, find times to enjoy each other and make memories!

This year we decided to give gifts of memory to our children.  We purchased them each a pair of socks with our faces on them so they will always have us with them when we are gone.  Yes…they will be wearing socks with our faces plastered all over them.  I think they loved them but it may also be because we put some money in the socks that made them love them even more.  LOL!

We also gave them gifts of another family trip.  We gave each of them and their significant other a gift certificate for a trip to visit us in Panama.  When we first got married we all went on a 6 week family trip to Asia.  The kids talk about that trip all of the time.  It made some very special memories that none of us will ever soon forget.  We hope our new adventure brings more memories not only for us, but for our children as well when they visit and when we come to visit them.   It’s memories that we will be cherishing.

We played games, had some good wine, laughed, and cried a little.  I appreciate them all making the effort to come see us before we leave and giving us these memories.  To my mom Sheri, mother-in-law Gail, brother Tom, niece Kayla, our children Cory and his wife Emily and my granddaughter Addie, Jesse and Janette, Bekah and Jay, Summer and Bryan and my best friend Tracy, we both love you all very much and are so grateful you all came near and far to spend your time with us. Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for the memories!

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