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Todays Adventure

Since we are leaving for our big adventure in February, I decided to take my one and only 8 year old grand child to Orlando as one last memory together…just the 2 of us!  I gave her a choice, Disney or Legoland…she chose legoland.  Good for me because the tickets were cheaper….So fun, you say….exciting you may say…let me ask you one thing…have you ever been to LEGOLAND?! If you’ve never been then my suggestion to you is…DON’T GO!!

There are tons of kids digging into tubs full of legos, using their imaginations and being creative! Very educatonal….yeah sure, I even saw a few kids picking their noses…and then putting their hands into the lego tubs where all the other kids were digging in to!!  Then, I see my granddaughter digging in the tub next to this one child who picked his nose, wiped it on his shorts and then started digging in the lego tub again! Its  educational alright, and the germiest, most discusting adventure park I have ever been to!

I went through a new small bottle of hand sanitizer, washed our hands many times, and left there still feeling gross and dirty.  Waiting in lines to ride rides where the kids are swinging on the handrails with those same discustingly dirty hands….I really hope neither of us get sick!!

When we got back to the hotel my feet hurt, my body was stiff and sore from walking and standing in lines…ALL DAY!  I’m 50 years old not 20 or 30 like all the parents I saw.  This is why I am thankful I had children at a young age.  They are all grown and I don’t have to run around all over the place with them any more!

So, now you may think my job as an awesome Nana is over…but nooooo! I’m a gluten for punsihment and purchased tickets for Universal Studios and Adventure Island for the next 2 days!  What was I thinking?!  LOL!

All in all, my granddaughter is awsome and I am enjoying our time together so it is totally worth it!  This adventure is not yet over…so stay tuned….if I survive the rest of this adventure that is!

Have a super fantastic day!!

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