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The Nana Adventure Continues

My granddaughter, Addie and I spent the past 2 days at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  Universal is so much better than LEGOLAND!  Not just because they don’t share their booger germs in lego bins but because they had Butter beer for Addie and vodka drinks for Nana!!  LOL!

The first couple of days of this trip people would see Addie and me together and when talking to Addie they would call me mommy but she would correct them by saying, “she’s not my mom she’s my nana!”  She must have gotten tired of telling others this because today, while in lines she would start talking to people around us (she’s very friendly) and the first thing she says to them is… “before you ask, she’s not my mom she’s my nana.  She just looks really young!!”  God I love that child!!  HAHAHA!  Then she would proceed to tell them about how I complained about kids picking their noses and playing in the lego bins at Legoland and that my feet were hurting from walking for the past 3 days.  LOL!  She over shares sometimes!

I’m really not around kids that often any more except for when she comes over to visit.  I’m usually around grown ups that maybe act like kids at times (including me) but I realized as I have gotten older that my patience for the little ones has gotten a little better.  Maybe its because they aren’t my kids so I don’t have to worry about teaching them right from wrong or have to deal with them when there whining and crying.   She is smart, mature, funny and pretty independent.  I didn’t have to help her blow her nose, or wipe her butt and she even took her own baths and washed, conditioned and brushed her own hair.

We ran to the ride lines together holding hands, and she was fine with doing things I wanted to do as well.  I didn’t have to worry about her crying because she didn’t get her way.   Today she even told me that she wanted to leave early to go back to the hotel because the lines for most of the rides were around 90 to 120 min and her feet were hurting today.  LOL!

She wanted to hang out at the hotel pool for alittle while and order a pizza to be delivered to our room!  I’m not complaining one bit!  It’s exactly what I wanted to do, minus the pizza.

I truly had an amazing trip with her except for the fact that I ended up getting a bad cold which I’m sure was from our adventure at Legoland!

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