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Saying “See you Laters”!

Last week I went up to Chicago/Indiana to visit my mom, brother, grandfather, my ex in-laws and while there was lucky enough to see a few friends as well.  It’s always so difficult going back home for a quick visit and trying to see everyone while there but I wanted to be sure to at least visit my immediate family to say my “see you laters”, not goodbyes!

Deciding to live an expat life does not mean that we want to lose friendships or not see our families.  It means that we want to do what we enjoy doing and that is exploring new places, meeting new people, and trying new things.

Saying goodbye makes us recognize that a change is headed our way, acknowledging that we’re choosing to move away from the ones we love in order to do what we love.  We love our family and friends, and they will always be a big part of our lives and we hope we will always be a part of their lives as well.  We will come back every year during the holidays and travel the US to visit as many loved ones that we can.

We are sad that we are leaving and will miss all of our loved ones, especially our children, but we are also excited for what is yet to come! Its ok for you all to be sad to see us go as well, but know that we are still always going to be a big part of your lives.  We created so many memories and fun times and we still have many memories and fun times to create.

So lets not say goodbye, we will say see you later!  We will have so many new adventure and we can’t wait to share those stories with you next time we see you!  Love to you all! – Allan and Tammy

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