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Packing Is Finally Done!

I’ve really struggled with the packing issue!  I have a very large suitcase and tried to keep the weight under 50lbs.  It started as 70lbs but after packing and repacking maybe 15 times (not even kidding) I finally got it down to 49.8 lbs.  (I hope my scale is right this time)  LOL!

Traveling from the states to Panama I can get away with 50lbs but getting from Panama City, Panama to Bocas Del Toro the weight limit is 14kg which is about 30lbs.  I was trying to keep that in mind when packing but then saw that if it’s over the 14kg they charge $3 per kilogram, right now its a total of $27, however…I have 2 more bags!  LOL!

I really REALLY tried not to over pack but I have no idea what to expect.  I packed shoes for every occasion….except heels…I already know I won’t be wearing those, but I have walking shoes (2 pairs because of color and style), hiking boots, rain boots, wait…had to remove those (weight limit), water shoes (closed toe and open), fancy flip-flops for dresses, beach flip flops and tan sandals…I think that is all that I packed in shoes…a woman still has to look good even when living in the tropics/jungle you know!  a few pairs of shorts, jeans, shirts, yoga pants, tank tops, dresses, socks and panties.  Something for every occasion.  Not to mention, small flashlights, cold meds and first aid kit.

I had to remove 2 pairs of binoculars, games, umbrella backpacks, large bottles of hair products,  small tool kit (because you never know when you may need to use a screw driver),  all our sunscreens and bug spray.

I know this all sounds very simple, but it was a real struggle.  I know I should probably pack even less as we were originally supposed to just be backpacking, but I just can’t do it.  The fear of not knowing if I will have what I need is freaking me out then Allan told me what ever we don’t have we can buy.  I’m good with that, however Panama, especially Bocas del Toro is a third world country.  I just need to learn to improvise.  Thats it…my word of the year…IMPROVISE!  Ha!

We leave Monday….until then,  you all have a good week and a safe weekend and be sure to check back with me next week to hear of our arrival.

Hasta Luego!

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